Confidentiality : MAQUETTE D’ART DE TOURAINE commits not to divulge your project, our potential subcontractors don’t know your name, your contact detail, neither the purpose of the pieces they are making.
M.A.T  does not work with interns, our facility is not open to the public and we don’t welcome journalists while we are working on a specific models. M.A.T works on one project at a time. The documents needed for the making of the model are sent back to their owners or destroyed with our class DIN 3 shredder, the files are erased.

Advice: MAQUETTE D’ART DE TOURAINE commits to naturally be at your service. You have a total freedom in the making of your project, we are here to advise you regarding the materials, the scale, the type of model or the finishing touches. Since 1989 we gained an experience in the making of models and prototypes. For M.A.T being a modelist is not about being an artist, nor a creator but only being the interpret of the past, present and future designs. We advise you but at the end you are the one who decides.
Reactivity : MAQUETTE D’ART DE TOURAINE commits to make everything possible for the model to be delivered to you on time. With MAT you can enjoy the flexibility and reactivity of a small structure

Technical skills : MAQUETTE D’ART DE TOURAINE commits to use its expertise and technical skills to create your project. M.A.T workshop is equipped with various tools and tool machines, but it is our skills and experience that will make these creations possible.