Maquette d 'Art de Touraine  is open during July and August.

Our job is to transform your ideas into reality.

Since 1989 MAQUETTE D'ART DE TOURAINE creates models from past and future ones.

If the architecture model was invented to help the prime contractor to « touch with his finger and his eyes all the defaults and to correct them » (Letter from Vaubois to Louvois, 1695), it became itself a medium. Architecture model gained a permanence and an immortality through the years, like the relief plans of the ‘Musée des Invalides’ or Vatican’s Saint Peter models in Rome.

Model is one of the rare medium that can be appreciated by non-specialists. A model brings a true whole vision of an architectural project, an historical reconstruction, it can be actualized and it catches the eye. The model can be given as a company gift during the signature of a contract. It can help making decisions, like the great architect Batista Alberti wrote in 1485 «  I would never be tired of recommending what great architects used to do : medidate and medidate upon the coming project in its complexity using drawings and sketches and other materials. The architecture model erase the doubts of the creation ».

The model is also a promotion, it’s like a 3 dimensions business card, it represents your skills, your work. More practical than 3D videos, model does not require special installation, a simple outlet is needed for its animation
If your projects don’t interest the big workshops and that the modelists don’t take your demands into consideration, and that your project don’t evolve we offer :
• Solutions fitted to your budget
• An attentive technical approach
• A 25 years craftsmanship
• A modelist who totally supports you