MAQUETTE D'ART DE TOURAINE  was founded in 1989 by Christophe ROUVRE , member of the INMA (National Institute of the Art Makers) who received the label of Master-craftsman and craftsman in Art.
MAQUETTE D'ART DE TOURAINE is located in Tours, in the heart of France, in the beautiful valley of the Loire (55 minutes away from Paris with the TGV).
Maquette d’art de Touraine was created on April 3rd, 1989
« Maitre –artisan », Master-craftsman since 1999
« Artisan d’art »craftsman in Art since 2006
SIREN Identification Number : 3350 199 337
SIRET  Identification Number: 350 199 337 00014
APE Code: 8299Z
VAT /Tax Identificaton Code : FR44350199337