eco-responsible wastewater treatment plant,1/50 scale model
Diorama of the PEEKSHIL incident of October 1992 ( a meteorite hit a car in the state of NEW-YORK) scale1/18 th
Restoration of a mid-twentieth-century companion's work in walnut approx 1/10th scale

Conceptual model of a tower from the La Défense quarter in Paris. Scale 1/500 .

Model of an equestrian center scale 1/200

Model of a factory, with a view on the interior design & the production line scale 1/500

Model of an emergency service scale 1/100

 Model of an individual house scale 1/50

Model of an individual house scale 1/50

Model of the Val de Loire church in stone and natural slate scale 1/50

Model of the Roman Pantheon in the Renaissance era scale 1/500

Model of a framework scale 1/50

Model of a Loire Valley farm scale 1/43

Model of a city center scale 1/50

Detail of a water fountain scale 1 /87

Model of a beach hut scale 1/87

Model of a RENAULT tractor PE type scale 1/32

Model of a truck engine from the 30’s scale 1/87

Model of a speedboat engine scale 1/2

 Model of ladder-carrier lorry scale 1/87

Model of a sand and gravel treatment center  scale 1/160 

Model of vehicles scale 1/87

Limited series product of models